How My Mind Learnt to Sense Time in Slow-Motion in 66 Days

I used to be the person who gets surprised by how quickly the time is passing by. I had been wanting to follow my passion all week, and yet, it’s Friday again. I would have more time over the weekend, so I thought, and then Monday morning I swear that it would happen the next week for sure. Busy being busy, I used to postpone to act upon my inspiration until a point when it became silent and got gently washed away by my distracted brain waves like drawings in the sand on the seashore. Continue reading “How My Mind Learnt to Sense Time in Slow-Motion in 66 Days”

The lesson I learnt from co-founder of Google X: Personal growth is not about you

Tom Chi, co-founder of Google X has visited our office at Mindvalley to give a talk about how rapid-prototyping can be used to restore environmental damage and save our planet. He has shared how he built the first prototypes of the Google Glass, his models of turning vague strategies into results and his definition of failing & learning. His concepts of reality amazed us all, but it wasn’t until an unexpected question from the audience that my tears started falling in the midst of a hundred people sitting in sheer silence. Continue reading “The lesson I learnt from co-founder of Google X: Personal growth is not about you”

The Right to Put YOUR Happiness First

When I grew up they told me that putting myself first is selfish. I was taught that making myself happy and keeping my own needs a priority is wrong and I should help others first and think about how to make them happy. That shame be upon me if I focus on myself too much and that guilt is the basis of a healthy conscience. Unfortunately, there were too many people around me trying to push their way through in this broken system so I thought this is the way to live and there must be some kind of error with me. Continue reading “The Right to Put YOUR Happiness First”

What a Traveller’s Heart Feels When She Says Goodbye

I wonder why I cannot find the perfect words when I say goodbye to someone I will miss. There and then in that last moment before we start walking the opposite way, why do such simple words cause difficulty like I love you or I am proud of you for what you are doing every day. Continue reading “What a Traveller’s Heart Feels When She Says Goodbye”

Is thinkitating the new meditating?

Meditation, mindfulness, lucid dreaming – these are some of the things you have probably heard about if you are into personal growth and self-development. However, thinkitation is something that has not become a buzzword yet, but perhaps is the next big mind-hack out there. It might sound outrageous at first to meditation practitioners who struggle to keep their mind still, but it is actually a different concept that doesn’t interfere with meditation. Continue reading “Is thinkitating the new meditating?”

Dear Writers: It’s time to be Vulnerable.

No matter whether you’re writing a book, a blog post, a proposal or a short story: even the most powerful message can get lost among the lines if it doesn’t touch your audience. We often forget that we don’t write for ourselves –we write for others. It took me a long time to realise that if I  want to connect with my readers I need to let my guard down and allow myself to be vulnerable. Continue reading “Dear Writers: It’s time to be Vulnerable.”

3 Things You Have to Get Right to Make Any Dream Come True

Great aspirations bring great challenges. It’s almost like the universe starts questioning you: how badly do you want to make your dream come true?

Every time you pass a test on the road of trials you sign your name on a metaphorical paper and commit to your dream until one day it suddenly shows up in your door. But first you have to go through these 3 stages. Continue reading “3 Things You Have to Get Right to Make Any Dream Come True”

Why Broken Souls Become the Most Successful People

I am always amazed when I hear successful people talk about where they had come from. It doesn’t break their halo, not even a little. The fact that they take courage to be vulnerable in front of me makes them so much more human in my eyes, and it makes their story real.

I cannot help but wonder why some of those who start out with so little chance in life or the ones that encounter devastating experiences create extraordinary futures, while the ones who never lack anything chase success in vain. Continue reading “Why Broken Souls Become the Most Successful People”

Confessions of an Ex-Expat: The Devastating Truth About Returning Home

Today it’s been exactly 2 years since I got off the plane in India and glanced a country like no other for the first time. After an overnight journey with trouble sleeping I could barely keep my eyes open on this surprisingly sunny morning of January.

My mentor was waiting for me outside the airport with a gentle smile. I expected a hug, but he shook hands with me and welcomed me to India. Continue reading “Confessions of an Ex-Expat: The Devastating Truth About Returning Home”

How Changing My Internal Chatter Taught Me How to Love Myself

We all have a critique inside of us. A voice that questions every choice we make, every step we take. It’s there before you would open your mouth and finally tell her what you have been procrastinating. It’s there before you step up on the stage. It’s there when you take a glance in the mirror.

The more you fight against it, the more you lose against it. But the thing is, your internal chatter is not you. You are not even related. Continue reading “How Changing My Internal Chatter Taught Me How to Love Myself”