3 Things That Keep Millennials Up at Night

We are the generation who are said to change the world: and we do feel the pressure to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, yet we carry on wasting all our time on Netflix. We don’t want to follow and we set our own rules in life, but we are forever confused of whether we are where we ought to be. We are reckless, complicated and filled with irony. Here are the things that make us who we are.


Disposable Lifestyle


Relocation is normal for us, digital nomads, as a morning commute and we don’t get shocked anymore to see our friends checking in from various corners of the world every day. We are always online, yet we never feel savvy enough when it comes to new platforms and updates. We learnt not to get attached to anything or anyone too much, because we might lose them tomorrow, and we are in constant doubt about how long we can believe the things we learn today.

We are masters of throwing out the past and starting something new from scratch, but we fail to keep patience to grow or maintain anything. We are afraid to invest our time into creating something more complex than a Tumblr account, and we get fooled by the myth of overnight successes.

We believe that we can get anything if we try hard enough, but we don’t know anymore what we want so badly. Our lives move fast, but it doesn’t get much further unless we learn to focus in the noise surrounding us. We face the challenge of building in a sustainable way, developing persistence, and keeping patience to let it grow.


The Illusion of Perfection


We used to read about the great icons of human history with a distant awe and respect. Today’s change makers, however, are people just like us: ordinary folks who started life with the same problems and became self-made billionaires before the age of 30. Our self-esteem gets challenged by the brief stories of young geniuses day by day which fail to publish the details of the intense work they had put into achieving their dreams. Perfection is our drug, and we never feel we are brilliant, wealthy, beautiful or exciting enough in the eyes of other people.

Millenials in pursuit of perfection
Millennials in pursuit of perfection

We still get fooled by the number of Likes, and a single angle of the whole truth. We don’t try to be more, we try to be different, but we still want to fit in. We don’t want to grow up because we fear age, we want to be free, take risks and make mistakes. And we do mature by time and we, indeed, change the way the world looks at things, but only if we stop being so hard on ourselves.




Our freedom is a no-negotiation deal as life is becoming more and more comfortable for us every day. At the same time, we get overwhelmed of options to decide on, because the frames of living that secured our parents’ future don’t exist anymore. We refuse to follow old rules, but we struggle living without them.  We hate labels, but find it hard to communicate without them. We question everything, though we still need guidance in life, till we realize that there is no manual for finding our happiness.

It’s our choices that make us who we are, and they are all good choices as long as they are our own. The world is not black and white anymore, and we learn that change is uncomfortable, but change is the only way. We are a generation of leaders without knowing about our power, and we are moving towards a future that is less and less predictable.

But still, we move on with courage and our best hope.

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