3 Things You Have to Get Right to Make Any Dream Come True

Great aspirations bring great challenges. It’s almost like the universe starts questioning you: how badly do you want to make your dream come true?

Every time you pass a test on the road of trials you sign your name on a metaphorical paper and commit to your dream until one day it suddenly shows up in your door. But first you have to go through these 3 stages.

Breaking down the walls


You take the first step with excitement and soon realize that everything takes double the trouble than you previously expected. There will be times when every sign tries to convince you that there’s no way forward. This is where most people give up and this is exactly the reason why you have to go on.

There are no traffic jams on the extra mile. –Zig Ziglar

You have to be stubborn enough to go on when you’re ignored, laughed at or fought against. Look into yourself and ask the question before it’s too late: Is this what you really want no matter what price you pay? Or is this something you do assuming that it eventually leads to something you’re afraid to try? Are you trying to impress someone by succeeding in this?

Remember that only a purpose you truly believe in, one that makes you jump out of bed every morning, one that fills you up with excitement can give you the power to go through any hardship you meet before the finish line.

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Sometimes all you have is faith


Do you actually believe that what you’re working hard for day by day is possible? Can your belief shine through the clouds of doubt and help you stand your ground when others question you?

Taking the first step and going against the odds shows an intent, but it takes crazy amount of courage to give up everything else and burn the bridges behind you.

It might seem scary to go all in and bet everything on one card. It might seem wiser to stand with both feet on the ground and decrease your chances of failing with plan B, C and all the letters of the alphabet.

But what happens then is that you let your fear distract you and you’re so busy building backup plans and second options for your future that you won’t even notice when the very thing you always wanted slips through your fingers. Good luck will turn to someone else who has trust and who keeps her eyes on the prize.

Faith is sometimes all you really have and, in fact, in those times it’s all you really need. It’s never too early and never too late to go after what you always wanted, but once you do you have to do it with all your heart and mind, there is no turning back.


The universe is bargaining with you


What if your dream profession comes with a salary cut and you have to start all over again? What if your one and only soulmate has to shift continents and asks you to come along? What if the only way you can visit that country from the poster hanging on your wall is to take two shifts or a job overseas you never wanted to?

I am not saying you can’t have it all, of course you can. You can have a profession you love with your soulmate on your side in a place that makes you happy and much more. But sometimes you have to face a question: What would you sacrifice in order to achieve That One Thing? Put your dreams on a scale and see if you still want to make your wish come true if it doesn’t get shipped to you in a golden box with a ribbon on it.

It’s okay to negotiate with fate for a while over the conference table of Your Wildest Dreams Inc. but in the end, you have to decide if you take the deal or not.

And should you say yes, I wish you all the happiness and strength the world can offer while you carry on walking the path of your vision that makes your life unique and purposeful.

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