54 Compelling Signs That Your Life Will Soon Change Remarkably

Sometimes we feel confused or face difficulties not because something is wrong, but exactly because we are doing the right thing. As long as we are moving, at any pace and in any direction, we are learning, growing and evolving.

Some days feel so rigid it’s almost suffocating, and some are filled with so many remarkable moments that it’s hard to believe it would ever end. And then there are those which we forget to be thankful for, and the ones which gain meaning long after they pass.

But once in while, life will bring you small, powerful signs, that change everything. You just have to notice them.

1. When things that you were always clear about suddenly doesn’t make sense at all to you.

2. When you feel terribly disconnected from people you have a history with.

3. When you are finally able to admit that someone you might not even like is absolutely right.

4. When you feel conflicted because something that’s supposed to be easy is giving you a hard time.

5. When you feel an irresistible urge to break the rules.

6. When everybody thinks you are totally insane, but you cannot be more sure that you are going in the right direction.

7. When you try something completely new and it makes you feel awkward.

8. When something familiar becomes dreadfully boring.

9. When you are hungry for a challenge.

10. When you feel a magical, inexplicable connection looking into the eyes of a person you just met.

11. When a book almost falls out of your hands as you stare in the distance with awe thinking about a powerful thought you just read.

12. When you are suddenly unable to answer a simple question about yourself.

13. When you look at something you were attached to for long and it leaves you with the feeling of sheer emptiness.

14. When you deliberately say yes to something you have clearly no idea about.

15. When the very thing you feared the most doesn’t hurt you at all.

16. When you know nothing about tomorrow.

17. When you are homesick for a place you have never been before.

18. When you have absolutely no idea what you are doing, but it feels right anyway.

19. When people ask you whether you are out of your mind.

20. When you know you have nothing to lose.

21. When you feel like the time is passing incredibly fast.

22. When you wake up in the morning feeling confused because you forgot where you are.

23. When you are smiling at your mirror reflection – and it’s not even weird.

24. When your most stubborn habit doesn’t give you pleasure anymore.

25. When the streets are just awfully the same around you.

26. When you can’t think of anything new to tell your friends about your life.

27. When you are supposed to sleep but you’re staring at the ceiling instead.

28. When somebody reminds you of the person you were before society told you who you should be.

29. When people criticize you face to face and you can’t help smiling back at them.

30. When you finally let down your defenses.

31. When life brings you a unexpected gift you never asked for.

32. When you realize the answer is ridiculously simple for a question which is haunting you for the longest time.

33. When you make a powerful statement and your words surprise you more than anyone else in the room.

34. When all your friends suggest you are making an atrocious mistake but you have never been so sure about the thing you are up to.

35. When it dawns on you that you know so awfully little about this world.

36. When you can’t shake that fascinating thought out of your head.

37. When you realize there is noone to ask permission from.

38. When you stop living life like a damn checklist.

39. When you are incredibly excited every night to wake up in the morning.

40. When someone tells you the ugly truth and you cannot deny it anymore.

41. When the most annoying person on Earth makes you realize your very own weakness.

42. When you don’t try to undervalue yourself so that others won’t feel insecure in your presence.

43. When you develop your own idea about how you want to live instead of trying to please others who think they know it better.

44. When life looks insanely complicated.

45. When life looks insanely beautiful.

46. When you stop feeling terrified of being alone.

47. When you ask yourself the burdensome question: What am I doing here?

48. When you simply pack your bag and go without actually knowing where you are heading.

49. When, for the first time ever, you don’t want to run away.

50. When you feel extremely small in a big world.

51. When you firmly believe in something you have never seen.

52. When you embrace uncertainty.

53. When you’re humbly doing your own thing and someone tells you how brave you are.

54. When you expect nothing and appreciate everything in this wonderfully diverse world.

What was your moment of change? Share it with me in the comment section!

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