9 Things You Absolutely Have to Experience in Your 20s

These are the years which are hard and beautiful and which leave us with moments we remember. This is when we chose our own way – and then chose a different one a couple of times until we find our unique path.

And these are the experiences that connect our youth and make this decade complete.


Those crazy times you’ll always remember

We all have those unlikely ideas asking ourselves – what if I try this? That would be really insane…

And that’s when you should go ahead and do them anyway. After all we only regret the chances we miss, right? Go, splash in the sea from that cliff or contact that person who moves you, because if you take a little bit of courage, you might just create the best moments of your life!


Making tons of mistakes

We are all too cautious about what other people think of us, because yes, failure is the last thing you want to be known for. Still, the wrong choices we make in life are the best lessons we can ever have and they do make us more human after all. We like people with mistakes, because they seem more real to us. Flaws have more grace than perfection ever will.


Living abroad

We follow the journey of our friends with awe who dare to discover a little more of the big world out there. They return to us with a inexplicable confidence and wisdom and we wonder how did they mature so much?

Once you experience travelling there is only one way to go: forward. Your greatest lessons will be between the pages of your passport.


Living alone

Only when you let go of the distraction you throw yourself into, only when you realize you are the one person you have for life is when you start to embrace yourself. Those nights spent sleeping alone and those days taking ownership for every bits of your life are the milestones of your journey to adulthood and you will thank yourself for them later.


Saying goodbye

Sometimes you have to turn away from friends or partners who chose a different direction in life. Sometimes you have to let go of people whose journey continues in another corner of the world. And at times, you have to say goodbye to people to figure out whether they find their way back to you.

It might be one of the hardest words to tell. Yet, people who have the ability to say goodbye are the ones who get further in life.

Breaking the rules

After a point you realize that all rules are made by humans just like you, and therefore, you always ought to question them. Knowing when to cross the line brought success to countless individuals in history and it is the only way to create something extraordinary. Start with breaking your own rules!


Building your network

Some relationships in your life might fade away with time while growing up, because what used to connect you to each other along the way becomes forgotten. The people you meet in your twenties, though, are the very base of your personal and professional life that can make your network sustainable. Reach out to them once in a while with some good words, you might need them to be near one day.


Giving selflessly

What you do to others always gets back to you. The people who take time to stop and listen to someone with struggles are the ones who attract so called ”luck” when it’s most needed. Expectations damage relationships. Kindness pushes humanity forward.


Losing your way

It’s okay to be lost at times. If you feel that your life is chaotic, challenging, confusing or filled with mixed emotions, it is probably the best thing that can happen to you. Keep your eyes open, because something great is going to take place, when you least expect it…

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