How My Mind Learnt to Sense Time in Slow-Motion in 66 Days

I used to be the person who gets surprised by how quickly the time is passing by. I had been wanting to follow my passion all week, and yet, it’s Friday again. I would have more time over the weekend, so I thought, and then Monday morning I swear that it would happen the next week for sure. Busy being busy, I used to postpone to act upon my inspiration until a point when it became silent and got gently washed away by my distracted brain waves like drawings in the sand on the seashore.

It’s funny how we build the illusion of time around us and let society tell us how many weeks, months or years it should take for us to build a new skill or achieve a dream. We say that time is running but in reality, we are running towards a mirage with such an intense yearning that we lose the ground from below our feet. Time is not running anywhere because time is just a construct of the mind. It’s not on the far horizon outside of us but inside at our very core and once we stop chasing it, we find stillness, and time becomes slow.

We experience the speed of time passing by depending on the frequency and the intensity of new experiences we go through every single day, the unknown information we take in and the ideas we form from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. As a child, there is an explosion of synapse formation in our brain and we feel so present every day with all our senses open and alive. A few weeks waiting for Santa seems like an eternity because we really are in the present much longer than our domesticated selves blended into the comfort of society.

The globe keeps on turning but the hours and years solely exist in our thinking. There is no perfect time to work, play, exercise or meditate just like resolutions and wishes have nothing to do with the same day every year. There is no Friday and our age does not predict our emotional, mental and physical abilities.

Age has nothing to do with time.

There is only you with an abundance of days and a myriad of neglected aspirations. The question is how often are you willing to take the discomfort, face fear and go against other people’s expectations to create a life you actually love living?

In the past 66 days, I have gone through an immense amount of change and I have multiplied my rate of learning. As a result, every day when I go to bed the morning I woke up feels far far away. I am not the same person that I was the previous week and I hardly recognize myself on old photos and recordings, even though I never changed my look. I still get shocked by how my identity is changing from the inside out and I am not used to the person who speaks from my throat and looks back at me from the mirror. Although, I do like what I see.

Since I moved to Kuala Lumpur and joined Mindvalley I didn’t just change countries again but I deconstructed my systems of living. I studied eating habits and nutrition, reached a weight and body composition I have never before, and doubled my mental and physical energy. I have transformed my internal chatter and self-talk to one that supports me better. I have built a discipline of a compressed morning routine that boosts my performance and enhances my speed of learning. I am now optimizing all of this in a way that best serves my growth.

I don't waste time.

I don’t waste time on people who don’t add any value to my day. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by rapid learners and extraordinary thinkers in the Mindvalley community. After all, this is why I travelled thousands of miles to start over again here and breath the same air as they do. They inspire me to rewrite my cognitive patterns every day and to take action towards the things that excite me a lot and scare me a little.

Take an advice from Don Miguel Ruiz and don’t believe me. Don’t believe anyone else and don’t even believe yourself.

“Don’t believe all the lies you tell yourself – all those lies that you never chose to believe, but were programmed to believe.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

You are the one and only architect of your mind and the world it projects around you. If you want to slow down time and add more life to your years you have to change your belief system and stop resisting change. Time is not defined by the hours of the day, the sunsets and the deadlines you write in your calendar.

Time is simply change.

Stop pushing your dreams further and further and further away while you’re busy being busy. I have been there, it’s not worth it. Action is the only thing that creates change and the only time to take action is right now, in this moment. The future you are waiting for is already here, you have arrived long ago. It is just much more detailed than you imagined before.

Once you declare your impossible dreams and you laugh at your own fear, things will start to happen. Don’t ask me how, but once you say out loud what you have been scared to even write down in the corner of a page, the first signs will show up the next morning. Just breathe, it’s fine, it’s real.

What did you daydream about before they told you it’s not possible? Share it with me in a comment!

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