The Right to Put YOUR Happiness First

When I grew up they told me that putting myself first is selfish. I was taught that making myself happy and keeping my own needs a priority is wrong and I should help others first and think about how to make them happy. That shame be upon me if I focus on myself too much and that guilt is the basis of a healthy conscience. Unfortunately, there were too many people around me trying to push their way through in this broken system so I thought this is the way to live and there must be some kind of error with me. Continue reading “The Right to Put YOUR Happiness First”

Why Broken Souls Become the Most Successful People

I am always amazed when I hear successful people talk about where they had come from. It doesn’t break their halo, not even a little. The fact that they take courage to be vulnerable in front of me makes them so much more human in my eyes, and it makes their story real.

I cannot help but wonder why some of those who start out with so little chance in life or the ones that encounter devastating experiences create extraordinary futures, while the ones who never lack anything chase success in vain. Continue reading “Why Broken Souls Become the Most Successful People”

The Art of Letting Go of Expectations

Action and outcome. Giving and returning. This is how we learnt to see the world and our connections with people. We expect things to happen exactly as we plan, as we assume it should be, and as we think it is best for others. Then we fret over unmatched expectations and disappointing relationships.

The truth is: connections are not designed with straight lines. Continue reading “The Art of Letting Go of Expectations”