The Right to Put YOUR Happiness First

When I grew up they told me that putting myself first is selfish. I was taught that making myself happy and keeping my own needs a priority is wrong and I should help others first and think about how to make them happy. That shame be upon me if I focus on myself too much and that guilt is the basis of a healthy conscience. Unfortunately, there were too many people around me trying to push their way through in this broken system so I thought this is the way to live and there must be some kind of error with me. Continue reading “The Right to Put YOUR Happiness First”

Is thinkitating the new meditating?

Meditation, mindfulness, lucid dreaming – these are some of the things you have probably heard about if you are into personal growth and self-development. However, thinkitation is something that has not become a buzzword yet, but perhaps is the next big mind-hack out there. It might sound outrageous at first to meditation practitioners who struggle to keep their mind still, but it is actually a different concept that doesn’t interfere with meditation. Continue reading “Is thinkitating the new meditating?”

How Changing My Internal Chatter Taught Me How to Love Myself

We all have a critique inside of us. A voice that questions every choice we make, every step we take. It’s there before you would open your mouth and finally tell her what you have been procrastinating. It’s there before you step up on the stage. It’s there when you take a glance in the mirror.

The more you fight against it, the more you lose against it. But the thing is, your internal chatter is not you. You are not even related. Continue reading “How Changing My Internal Chatter Taught Me How to Love Myself”

I Challenged Myself Every Day for 30 Days: Here is What Happened

Not so long ago I started an experiment and I called it the #30DaysChallenge. I decided to do something uncomfortable every single day for 30 days, something that pushes my limits and makes me try something I would normally say no to. It was just a random thought, but it brought me more than I expected. Continue reading “I Challenged Myself Every Day for 30 Days: Here is What Happened”

4 Common Fears that Keep You Back from Success – and How to Overcome Them

You have been striving for that oh-so-wanted dream for a while, but the results don’t seem to come as expected. You put all your efforts, but you always hit a glass ceiling, and you start to wonder what is this invisible wall keeping you back from stepping up to the next level?

It’s not the circumstances, and it’s not anyone else either. The only person standing in your way is you.

Here are the most common fears that can keep us back from success… Continue reading “4 Common Fears that Keep You Back from Success – and How to Overcome Them”

5 Invaluable Lessons I Learnt from Living between 2 Continents

The life of an expat is always particular. We are a different breed all in all who refuses to settle and gives up the comfort of a homeland for the excitement of seeing new places. We make fun of tourists and struggle to explain the extraordinary things we experienced to the ones who are waiting for us at home. We are judged, adored and questioned all the time, but one thing is sure: we will never forget the things that this kind of living has taught us. Continue reading “5 Invaluable Lessons I Learnt from Living between 2 Continents”

The Trouble with Being a Great Planner

I am the kind of person who enjoys writing strategies and planning projects well in advance. I start writing a shopping list before any of the items get over in my household and things keep me up at night that I have to tackle next week. I got used to always knowing what would happen and to keep things under control. I have a scenario for every possibility before I receive an answer for my question and the bag I carry with myself can beat a first aid kit.

If any of these things sound familiar to you, we are in the same shoes, my friend, so keep reading… Continue reading “The Trouble with Being a Great Planner”