The Art of Letting Go of Expectations

Action and outcome. Giving and returning. This is how we learnt to see the world and our connections with people. We expect things to happen exactly as we plan, as we assume it should be, and as we think it is best for others. Then we fret over unmatched expectations and disappointing relationships.

The truth is: connections are not designed with straight lines.

The best ideas for your business appear when you are on a holiday, and you find the solution for an old problem when you visit a new place in the city. Routine is the death of groundbreaking thoughts and major realizations in life. You cannot be on the safer side if you are looking for change, answers won’t light up for you neither on the same roads you are walking on nor from the people you interact with every day. The two best sources of great ideas are the people who are outside of your frame of thinking and the situations that make you associate unrelated things in your mind.

We often label ourselves with the things we do in and outside of our career, and we define our identity by the three words in the bio of our social media accounts. We go on trips with a ready recipe for what we want to experience and refuse to bring in new flavours and ingredients that might come in the way. We might think we keep everything under control and try to command our lives with the knowledge we are already aware of, and we close the door in front of everything which could shake us from the dreadful ordinary.


Take a minute to pause.


Try a new sport, art, hobby which you think was just never for you! Learn a language you may never use! Dare to ask people about what brought them where they are standing! Don’t just do things to add to your CV or your bio! You don’t always have to be able to answer the question why you are doing things.

You can only connect the dots in retrospect, and the best things will happen to you by accident. If you stop forcing yourself into the things that your family, friends, society planted in your head and you start saying yes to those stupid, useless, impossible ideas your life just might change directions. Put yourself into weird situations and go to somewhere new today, every day! Let go of the feeling that you have to keep everything under control, take a step and see what happens…

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help from someone you barely talk to. Donate your time to people and don’t expect anything in return! As it is beautifully said by David Mitchell:

“Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.”

We are all connected on a higher level and everything you do will get back to you eventually. We are living in a time now, when selfless actions and bonds are so much needed. So be the first one. Be ununderstood. Be the change.


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