The Right to Put YOUR Happiness First

When I grew up they told me that putting myself first is selfish. I was taught that making myself happy and keeping my own needs a priority is wrong and I should help others first and think about how to make them happy. That shame be upon me if I focus on myself too much and that guilt is the basis of a healthy conscience. Unfortunately, there were too many people around me trying to push their way through in this broken system so I thought this is the way to live and there must be some kind of error with me.

It feels like a long journey looking back even though I haven’t crossed a quarter of a century on this planet. It was liberating to discover my birthright to live in a fulfilling way, to speak my mind and be different, and to take back the control over my life. I often found it hard to find people who carry light within themselves and I came to know that by being happy and creating my own reality I joined a small minority of humankind.

A minority who discovered that the systems of nurturing our happiness are part of our mental immune system. It is a fortress that keeps out negative vibes and protects us from limiting beliefs so that we can practice our right to be fulfilled and focus on what’s really important.

It doesn’t mean you are as enlightened as the Dalai lama or that you are always in the state of peace. You still experience stress and your problems won’t disappear. In fact, your problems just become bigger and you still need to do things you dislike to get where you want to be – but it won’t matter anymore. As soon as you cleanse yourself from your insecurities and disrupt your systems of living, as soon as you realize that your life has a purpose that is beyond a career or a life partner you will join a global community of change makers and start to grow with incredible pace.

The people who put themselves first are the ones who create the greatest positive impact on the world. They fix global issues, elevate people to a higher consciousness, and push humanity forward with new ways of thinking. They were not born superhumans and they don’t have a certificate of being extraordinary or a permission to change people’s lives. Their daily habits centre around keeping themselves happy first, so that they can go out and make the world a better place.

They are possessive about their positive vibes so that they can project the world inside their mind and soul to the world around them. They don’t do things for others out of guilt or because somebody told them to do so, instead they break rules to help humanity and find joy in helping others in ways we never imagined before.

They taught me that putting myself first is my birthright and that if I want to make the world a better place I have to take care of myself so that my mind and soul is healthy and can heal others. I have learnt that once I commit to my systems of happiness, doing good for others will be natural. If you want to make the Earth a better place, start with healing the world within you.

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2 thoughts on “The Right to Put YOUR Happiness First

  1. “If you want to make the Earth a better place, start with healing the world within you.”
    This is the true fact that everyone should start to consider. Loved it =)

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